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LIVE: Episode 19 – Hackintoshes

Published on April 21, 2008 by in Podcast

Welcome to episode 19 of the “LIVE” modcast! Today we talk about hackentoshes with our special guest Jon Fullmer, author of the book “Foundry Networks Certified Network Engineer – Official Study Guide ”. We share thoughts about the practice in general, and give our response to the recent Psystar hackintosh story. You can share your thoughts in the official forum topic here .

Be sure to listen in to the end where we kick off our first contest!

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One Response

  1. TCPMeta

    Apple in a way screwed up when they moved to a x86 arch. When they ported Darwin to PC it kinda gave a hint that they were switching. They also did a lot of work with driver support but all of a sudden they stopped a held back. Now if Apple didn’t market Darwin as a cross platform and only made a bootloader for the EFI system Apple wouldn’t be worrying about the Hackintosh.

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